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"Flow Art" is my favorite term used to describe Acrylic Fluid Painting, or Acrylic Pour Art - a unique method of painting with acrylic paints mixed with various mediums to increase their viscosity. Basically, the paints become wetter and more fluid than ordinary acrylic paints, without losing their color intensity. The paint can be poured and manipulated in various ways to create all sorts of different effects! Here I have posted my original wooden figures, which I then paint. I know, I know- they are mostly ocean-based! But I've got a million different ideas for more creatures and plants and flowers... and am always up for new requests. So please make yourself at home, feel free to browse, and if anything interests you, just shoot me an email! Thanks!


EWD Acrylic Fluid Painting Manta Ray th

Flow Art on Woodcuts

Ocean Theme


EWD Acrylic Fluid Painting Polynesian

Flow Art on Woodcuts

Maori & Polynesian Culture Theme


EWD Acrylic Fluid Painting Philodendron

Flow Art on Woodcuts

New Zeland Wildlife and Nature Theme