Erika Wasner Designs

My love of nature started early, encouraged by years of camping, backpacking, and canoeing with my family and the Girl Scouts. Since graduating from University with a degree in Marine Science, I've worked as a Fisheries Biologist in Florida and Hawaii, as a deckhand on Tall Ships worldwide, and as a Kayak and Whitewater Rafting Guide in the Caribbean and the Pacific Northwest of America. This variety of jobs allowed me to travel the globe, discovering beauty around every corner. These experiences have provided me with a rich and vibrant canvas of memories, and have inspired me to share this love of nature and wilderness through art.

As a traveler, I understand the intoxication of experiencing other lands, cultures, and people

As a sailor and paddler, I appreciate the view of open ocean, broken only by a whale’s spout, an iceberg, or the spire of first-sighted land

As an artist, I try to capture these images and feelings through paper, fabric, canvas, and sculpture

As a mother, I see the world with new eyes, wanting to share the beauty of nature with a whole new generation! I am lucky enough to be able to volunteer at my children's school, helping with their art lessons.

Here at Erika Wasner Designs, you will find custom designed artwork ready to wear in my shop, or let me create something special just for you!