"Flow Art" is my favorite term used to describe Acrylic Fluid Painting, or Acrylic Pour Art- a unique method of painting with acrylic paints mixed with various mediums to increase their viscosity.  Basically, the paints become wetter and more fluid than ordinary acrylic paints, without losing their color intensity.  The paint can be poured and manipulated in various ways to create all sorts of different effects! Below is a collection of original wooden figures inspired by the beautiful New Zealand Flora and Fauna, which I cut out and then paint. Besides some 'one-off' pieces I also have some typical figures and shape I really like and recreate regularly. No matter what every paint job is absolutely unique. Some of the art pieces shown here are already sold but I do leave them on the website to show you what all is possible. So even though it may show 'sold', please do let me know if you like a specific piece and perhaps I can recreate a similar piece for you. Enjoy and thank you!